Hey guys, Sasori Zero, its been awhile and this projects heart is still beating!.

We have made a fantastic advancement last month of recruiting a programmer to the Eternity Project. Even better is that this programmer has brought his personal, indevelopment, game engine with him! with debugging and development of stages in progress.

and while we do have an engine; we still accept help from fans and the curious, along with still recruiting new members. We currenty are looking for those with musical talent , programming experience and drawing talent.

Till next.



Been a long while sense an update but here it goes:

Super Robot Wars Eternity is being spit into 3 games similar to the alpha saga.
As such some more series have been added and can be seen on the projects page.

The Buttons on all pages have been changed and most pages have had slight overhauls.

New sprites have been added and feel free to look around.

The team has expanded from 3 to now 6 people (composed of 3 writers 2 sprite
artists and 1 programmer).




Finally  the first update! look around the site we have made a lot of great progress.

I suggest that everyone register for the forum if they are more curious about the project